Speaker & Growth Expert Ed Robinson Transforms Professionals Into Leaders and Leaders Into Rainmakers

When you hear the term “rainmaker,” you probably think of a leader who brings in revenue. Truth is, a rainmaker is anyone in your organization who is actively invested in growing your business. A rainmaker tee’s up additional business for you—whether it’s through new opportunities, increased sales, or referrals that come from building client relationships.

In today’s challenging economic climate—with increased competition and constant change—rainmakers are essential for a thriving organization.

For more than 30 years, speaker and business growth expert Ed Robinson has been transforming successful people into successful rainmakers. A thought leader in leadership development and sales, he is sought after globally for his rainmaking techniques and business growth strategies. His energetic, engaging and entertaining style motivates audiences, leaving them with a renewed commitment to professionalism and success.

Ed has shared his strategies with top organizations in more than 35 countries:

Ed has shared his strategies with top organizations in more than 35 countries

Ed’s Most Requested Programs

Ed Robinson offers a variety of programs that generate powerful results for his audiences. These are his most popular. Each can be customized as a keynote speech, breakout session, one day seminar, or three day seminar.

The Rainmaker’s Strategies for Business Growth

Sales Growth & Client Development Program

This powerful, interactive program provides the skills for developing long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships. Participants will be able to develop a sound marketing strategy, discover secrets to increasing closing percentages, and create a foundation for effective client needs satisfaction. See More

Four Giant Steps to Leadership

Leadership Development Program

This high-impact program cultivates the best in your leaders and shows them how to serve as role models to enhance organizational performance. They’ll be enthused, motivated and empowered to take action! See More

From Fighting the Storm to Dancing in the Rain

Change Management Program

Is your organization experiencing change? Are the professionals in your industry being challenged by new ways of doing business, industry or regulatory changes? In this program, Ed pre-interviews the meeting planner and members of the target audience and develops “the storm” around their respective issues. He then shares core, universal strategies to dance and thrive through all the storms in your life. See More

What Clients & Audiences Are Saying

“What impresses me the most about Ed is his command of the stage and his knowledge of the subject matter. His own style is very engaging and personable; he keeps you on the edge of your seat. He’s also very genuine and believable. His good-natured personality makes him easy to work with. I highly, highly recommend him.”

Christopher Emanuel, Environmental Protection Agency

Ed is one of the finest motivational speakers I’ve heard. He uses life experiences to sink ideas into others’ minds. His content is not just conceptual; it’s completely applicable. He’s very professional and accessible, willing to listen to his audience and help develop them, working through their issues. I always walk away with new ideas to improve myself and others.

Cindy Gabriel, Deloitte

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