If you were to ask your colleagues in your firm for the name of a company which had attained success not only in the current time but had also successfully prepared its structure, employees and its leaders for building future leadership and growth, what company would they name? Did your firm make the top three list? Continue reading

There you are, working with a partner or a group of partners. You’re new as a partner, but you’ve been working closely with these people for a number of years. All that time, ideas about creating new business and tweaking operations have been firing off in your brain. Now, you’re in a position to execute your plans…or are you? One of the biggest challenges of your career faces you. How can you influence each of these partners? They’re so different! Each has a different way of evaluating proposals. How can you create influence in this situation and in the many more that are sure to follow? Continue reading

While overall spending and business profits were down in 2009 and somewhat flat in 2010, as the economy starts to rebound, the building of relationships in our marketplace should be at an all-time high, especially for service providers, conference sponsors and exhibiters. What seemed like downtime or recession, was and is, an opportunity to increase our ability to position ourselves as critical resources in the minds of our industry clients, customers and stakeholders. Continue reading

Imagine that all you did in your practice was the technical work. You did the taxes, the accounting and the basic management but you never participated in building  relationships with your existing clients and their staff. The result would be a static practice. When we neglect or avoid building relationships with our clients and their staff, we minimize the amount of referrals coming in. It can be uncomfortable at first to learn new relationship-building skills. As leaders and professionals part of our job is to become comfortable being uncomfortable until we acquire new habits. By not taking the initiative to build relationships outside of the practice, we are eliminating the ability to bring in future prospects. Continue reading