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Business Development Consulting & Leadership Coaching With Ed Robinson

Business Development Consulting & Leadership Coaching With Ed Robinson

Professional service organizations require powerful insights and growth strategies to stay competitive in today’s market. They need leaders who can create and sustain an ongoing pipeline of revenue and client relationships (“rainmaking”).

Ed Robinson is just the man to provide these strategies.

A 30 year veteran of professional service organizations, his rainmaking techniques, genuine enthusiasm and compelling approach make him a popular business growth consultant and leadership coach worldwide. Many of his clients experience a dramatic increase of revenue production.

Ed’s consulting services are completely tailored to client goals and challenges. Programs can include individual leadership coaching, group training sessions, or a combination of these. All participants receive Rainmaker and DiSC assessments to support the experience and help determine outcomes.

Focus areas can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Developing leaders for succession (leadership development)
  • Rainmaker sales and marketing strategies (revenue growth)
  • Building client relationships (client development)
  • Initiating and embracing change (change management)
  • Establishing goals and action plans
  • Team building
  • Accelerating performance and productivity
  • Delivering presentations that win
Get a custom coaching program to help grow your business now and get on track for ongoing success. Contact Ed at (832) 569-5138 to discuss your goals and challenges.